Whether you are interested in contracting a line with tuenti Movil or if you are already a customer and need information, a few lines below will give you the free number.

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In these lines, we will offer you all the necessary information about Tuenti. The telephone number for contracting is 900 301 137. If you are interested in contacting any of the rates offered by this new telecommunications company with Movistar coverage, you can call the telephone number available from 10 am to midnight. For those who are already Tuenti users, it is necessary to enter the customer area to contact the operator.

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Advantages of the Tuenti rates

In tuenti mobile you can choose the data consumption that you want starting from 1GB and optionally add GB proportionally, but do not worry if you do not consume all or if you fall short because in the first case you will be refunded the amount you have not used and in the second case you can call to expand the capacity in the event that in a specific period have higher data needs.

Calls are at 0 euro cents per minute, you will only be charged 20 cents for the call set-up. This company is a good option if you are not sure how much data you will need each month and you do not make a huge number of calls to different numbers each month. In addition, they have no permanence and you don’t pay more when your data runs out.

More information about the company

The highlight of Tuenti’s rates is that you will only pay for the monthly consumption of the data you make since those jigs that you do not consume will be returned to you on your bill. Discover all the information on the official website.

Tuenti móvil is a mobile operator that works with Movistar coverage that offers great advantages to its customers such as no permanence, 4G at all rates, unlimited calls and you don’t pay when you run out of megabytes even if the internet is slower.