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The phone of Woonivers +34910502751
Business +34910502752
Address Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1, 28020 Madrid

Woonivers Customer Service

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How it works

Woonivers is the easiest and fastest application for your tax-free purchases.
Request up to 15.7% of your purchases and get a refund directly on your mobile phone.
Thanks to the tax refund, tourists living outside the European Union can claim VAT on their purchases made in Spain.

Web and social networks

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What is Woonivers ?

Woonivers is a project that aims to help people to facilitate and speed up the local travel tax return process.

The company promotes responsible and modern tourism: “scan and go”, consumer-oriented, mobile and, of course, tax-free.

To this end, Start-up has developed a free technology platform for buyers, which can be used in selected establishments in Spain.

This allows, on the one hand, consumers from third countries to claim a VAT refund for their purchases in Spain and, on the other hand, helps the operator to manage this type of procedure.

Woonivers, which has been approved by the tax authorities, was created with the customer in mind:

The tourist is mobile and seeks immediacy and simplicity.

Its mission is also to offer a “zero-effort” service to dealers throughout the country, allowing them to comply with regulations without having to modify their processes or make complex implementations.

The installation must be limited only to the platform and the rest is done by the installation itself.

Abel Navajas and Antonio Cantalapiedra are responsible for a brand full of symbolism, whose name comes from a play on words with the word “universe”.

Woonivers replaces “universe”, while “Woo” in Cantonese Chinese means “without” or “sin” (more in the sense of exemption, in this case, tax exemption).

Both of them wave the name of start-up technology companies such as Google, Yahoo, Kelkoo, etc.

Business Model and Future

In the beginning, in addition to technological development, the designers sought out the best experts in consumption, design, and usability (UX) as collaborators.

All of them now form a multidisciplinary team of over 15 specialists in innovation and customer focus.

Like all operators, Woonivers receives a commission on the refund.

\Some of our competitors offer the reseller a share of this commission, we simply prefer to offer maximum security and simplicity to all users (both buyers and traders).

That’s why we decided to refund the traveler a higher amount to make the in-store purchase more attractive,” they say from the start.

The retailer, therefore, does not “charge” an administrative fee, but does not spend time and effort on training and managing tax-free users.

Woonivers currently operates effectively in facilities in Madrid, Malaga, and Barcelona, although its implementation is available to retailers across the country.

At the end of the year two thousand nineteen, the company plans to start operations outside of Spain, starting in Lisbon, Paris, and Milan.