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Contact the airline by calling the ✅  Wizz Air ✅  Phone and speak to their customer service department.
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Wizz Air Phone

Wizz Air Customer Service

By calling the Wizz Air customer service number, you can find out everything about the airline, complaints, flight queries, timetables, and cancellations.

Wizz Air Phone 910602892

Wizz Air is a company founded in Hungary, it is a low-cost airline.
Its headquarters are located in Vecsés, Hungary.
Wizzair has been operating since 2004 at Katowice airport, connecting some cities in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, with each other and with other destinations that have recently been added to the routes, reaching the current 150 destinations.

Thanks to the growing number of passengers using these European routes, whether, for work or pleasure, Wizzair has been forced to offer competitive prices in order to gain a booming market.

The experience of flying with Wizzair is simply excellent in terms of service and quality/price ratio, and this is the reason why the number of users in each and every one of its routes grows every day, which encourages the management of the company to work on maintaining these objectives as a premise and incorporate constant improvements.

Information about Wizz Air

Wizz Air was created in September 2003.
Its main shareholder is Indigo Partners, a US-based investment fund company that specializes in the transport market.
The airline started operations on May 19, 2004, from Katowice, just 19 days after the admission of Poland and Hungary as members of the European Union.

Fly with Wizz Air

You can get a Standard subscription if you are traveling alone or with a companion and you can also opt for a Group subscription if you are traveling with more people.
You have a guaranteed minimum discount of at least €10 per flight on all fares starting at €19.99, which is valid for the duration of your subscription.
You’ll also get a €5 discount on every piece of luggage purchased online.
The discounts offered by this company are also valid for the booking of the member’s travel companions (in the case that the booking is made together with that of the member, there must be a maximum of one more passenger for a Standard subscription and up to 5 passengers for a Group category subscription).
You receive exclusive promotional offers for members by email before other users and access additional discounts after subscribing to WIZZ special offers.
How do I get a subscription to the WIZZ Discount Club?

Simply follow these steps:

Select the flights you want to book.
Click the “Buy” button to add the annual WIZZ Discount Club subscription fee directly to your booking.
Finish the booking by completing all the contact details and then making the payment of the booking and of course the subscription fee.
The WIZZ Discount Club subscription will be activated for one year, which is calculated from the day of purchase.
When you want to make a reservation with Discount Club rates, you must enter your profile with your email address and password.
After logging in, you will be able to see all your account information, such as recent reservations or the expiration date of your WIZZ Discount Club subscription.
You can upgrade to a Group category subscription if you are already a member, at any time you wish, as long as it is during the validity of the subscription by paying the difference between the subscription fees.

Don’t forget to register for WIZZ special offers on the home page of your website, so you can receive all the information about special promotional offers for members.

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