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In this page, you can consult free the telephones and other forms of contact of WALLAPOP ✅ . Read the full contents of this page to locate the information you are looking for. The contact information numbers shown on this page have been obtained from public sources.

If you would like to contact the Wallapop headquarters here you will find a helpline where you can do so.

Call the Wallapop Telephone

Wallapop is an application and web in which we can find and publish ads with second-hand items.
Read on if you need to talk to Wallapop customer service.
The phones you will find on this page can be totally free like all those starting with 800 or 900 and on the other hand, there are phones that correspond to national landline numbers and which will only be free to call if you do from a flat rate number for calls to national landlines.
Call Wallapop to solve your doubts and ask for information.

Wallapop Customer Service Telephone

There is a customer service telephone number for any query or communication with the company. Another option is to do it through the channels offered by the mobile application itself, such as contact forms or its twitter or facebook channels.
If you need to make any administrative query that is not related to the publication of ads can be directed by email to or by sending a letter to Wallapop. C/Carrer de Casp 162, 2ª planta. 08013 Barcelona.
If you prefer to speak by telephone you must dial 936760510 and an agent will attend you.
The wallapop application has several million downloads and has positioned itself as the leading second-hand buy and sell operator in the Spanish market.
Its fresh and simple design along with a very agile application that allows very easy to locate the items that interest us and also a reasonable distance from our home is one of the causes of its success.
In wallapop you can find any type of articles and with very varied prices.
If you are interested in buying in wallapop I recommend you download the application and start diving for their ads, compare prices and locations and you’ll see how soon becomes an essential application on your smartphone.

How to sell on Wallapop

If you have some items that you don’t use, think about making money by selling them on this platform.
Registration is very quick and easy and in a few minutes, you will be receiving purchase offers from your mobile phone.


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