Whether you are already a customer as if you are considering switch to Vodafone, here you will find the toll-free numbers for you to contact the service Customer Telecommunications Company.

Some of the phones you’ll find below are only free if you call from Vodafone terminal, so pay close attention to what is the most appropriate for your case.

It has an extensive customer service with many free telephones with which to contact depending if we communicate with each other departments.

Free phone call Vodafone

If we are already customers and we want a free phone number to contact with Vodafone we dial 123 from your terminal.

If what we want is a free phone from Vodafone where we can gather any commercial information, offers, tariffs, mobile , then we dialed from any phone on 1444 .

Contact Vodafone Customer

There are other free phones Vodafone if we want more concrete information program points (marks the 22114 toll free), or if you want to contact the technical service to resolve any faults that prevent proper communication service, in this case also brand free the 22155 .

Vodafone is one of the strongest telecommunications companies operating in our country. It is native to England and therefore has a special focus on quality in customer call.

The wide range of telecommunications companies in the Spanish market is producing a real price war between larger and smaller.

Small companies, being provided with a much lower fixed costs, lower staff and shares much more limited marketing and lower budget, can offer a much lower rates that are suitable for certain types of customers who do not value in excess issues such as telephone customer service, or the provision of a free telephone contact with Vodafone in this case.

Large companies, such as Telefonica or Vodafone have several elements to counter these strategies smaller. First they have also reduced their margins based on price reductions to adjust a bit to the level of competition.

Another adaptation has been the publication of integrated packs offer telecommunications that if you hire them mobile phone, ADSL home services pay TV, you can benefit from great offers that in no case can be matched by small companies that generally are limited to offering a service, usually the voice and data service in mobile telephony.

The big companies like Vodafone are innovating continuously trying to improve the customer experience. To do implement actions in their departments customer as the fact enable direct phones to which we can appeal in case we have any questions or breakdown in our service in our displacements abroad, for that Vodafone have set the phone 607123000 with which we can directly contact our customer language from any country other than Spain. For calls from Spain best to call landlines indicated above,

Also this number is also used if we want to contact the company but we have no line Vodafone at this time. This is the typical situation that occurs when we lose our terminal or have been burgled by which we have stolen our phone and want to contact Vodafone to limit the calls that can be made from it, even if any possibility of recovering the earlier the terminal.

Vodafone freephone: Offers, low claims
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