If you are a pet owner and you need to contact a veterinarian urgently in Madrid, here are a few animal hospitals in which can perfectly cater to your pet.

List of veterinarians in Madrid

Here you will find three veterinary centers in different areas of Madrid so that they can meet the urgency of your pet near his home.

Veterinary emergency telephone in Madrid

If you need to use the emergency department 24 hours of any of veterinary hospitals outlined above, the first thing you have to do is contact them before heading to the center. This way you can check that the center can cater urgency and also will give a series of recommendations for the transfer of the animal is best from the medical point of view. Some clinics find on this page feature the latest technology made available to the health of their pets. Sonograms, surgical area, and sterilization, X-ray and own laboratory for analytical. Even some of them have helical CT apparatus latest technology to be found in very few veterinary clinics in Spain.

Veterinary Specialties

In some of these clinics can meet their pets pathologies affecting neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, gastrointestinal, ophthalmology and general and digestive surgery, diagnostic imaging and intensive care. Here we relate the most common diseases in dogs. They are common dermatitis, or skin infections, either from allergies or bruises or injuries. There are also frequent vet visits for otitis problems or intestinal problems that can produce continuous diarrhea in the animal.