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Vodafone is one of the internet and mobile companies with most clients in Spain. However, if you are interested in the services of another company or simply these discontent, or do not have how to pay.
You can exercise your right to cancel this service or cancel it.
The majority of clients have the following doubts: how to unsubscribe from Vodafone, how to unsubscribe, does it cost anything? All these doubts are what we will see next.

Unsubscribe Vodafone Internet ADSL or Fiber.

You can cancel the subscription of your package by calling to cancel Vodafone ADSL or Fibra Óptica.
When you call, do it from a Vodafone mobile phone, this way, you will not pay for the call and you will be attended to more quickly.
Remember that customer service to make a cancellation, attend weekdays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
In case you are unable to communicate by phone, you have another option on how to unsubscribe from the Internet. Enter the Vodafone forum and write a private message with your personal data.
Any of the advisors will manage the cancellation of the service.


Unsubscribe a Vodafone landline phone

To unsubscribe a landline, the customer who is in Spain should call the customer service number Vodafone.
It is important that if your Vodafone landline is associated with an internet line you will not be able to request the cancellation of that particular service.


Unsubscribe Vodafone mobile line

How to unsubscribe Vodafone mobile? is a procedure, where you can communicate to the phone 60712300 and from there you can request your unsubscription.
You must wait for the arrival of the SMS with the confirmation code that you will have to indicate in your Vodafone customer area.

You can also go to any Vodafone store and ask for the cancellation of the mobile service.
This process should not take more than 48 hours.
It is important to understand that the cancellation of the mobile line means the loss of the assigned number.


Unsubscribe Vodafone TV

In Vodafone unsubscribing, your TV service is the procedure is easier than you think.
Contact Vodafone’s Casualty Department agents Monday through Friday.
During the hours of 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Do you have a Vodafone phone? Call 123 directly.
If you don’t have this option, dial 60712300 .
Customer service agents will process your request to unsubscribe Vodafone football, essential Vodafone tv, total or any television service immediately.
Also, you will be guided on the procedures to follow to make the return of the equipment decoder.


Unsubscribe Vodafone

Vodafone has different subscriptions for its customers such as HBO, Secure Net or Vodafone pass among others.
All of them don’t have any permanence commitment so if you don’t use them anymore you can unsubscribe Vodafone in an easy way.


Unsubscribe Vodafone HBO

The service that includes Vodafone with HBO, is to give customers the option to enjoy the channel of movies and series on the Internet.
If you don’t want to have HBO with Vodafone in your plan, it’s relatively simple.
To cancel your subscription to the HBO platform, you must go to the Vodafone website.
Then search the website for the TV option and click.
Within TV, you must enter the My Vodafone option.
Click on My Vodafone and enter as a user.
From there proceed to unsubscribe HBO with Vodafone.
You also have the option to unsubscribe HBO by calling Vodafone Customer Service.
In their office hours every day except weekends.
Any of your numbers.
In addition, you can write an email explaining the reasons why you want the HBO to unsubscribe Vodafone.
Don’t forget to add all your personal information.


Disable secure net Vodafone

The Secure Net service specializes in ensuring user security when surfing the Internet.
This can be canceled by the user at any time.
To unsubscribe Vodafone secure net, go to the Vodafone website in the secure net section.
Then log in to My Vodafone.
Choose the icon of your profile and choose the option to deactivate secure net.
Click on the “Deactivate” button to cancel the service.


Unsubscribe Vodafone pass

The moment you decide to stop using the Vodafone Pass service to access your favorite applications, without having to spend your data.
Cancel your Vodafone pass by going to the forum page.
Then, send a private message to any moderator with your name and surname, ID number and phone number associated with the service.
The moderators will process your request immediately.
After that, in a few hours, you will be able to unsubscribe Vodafone pass.


Unsubscribe Vodafone online

The procedure on How to unsubscribe Vodafone online is active on the company website in the unsubscribe section.
By logging in, in three steps you can unsubscribe any service.
In the first step, you identify yourself with your data.
The next step invites you to choose the plan to cancel and to complete the steps to confirm the management.


Unsubscribe Vodafone in store

The customer of any service with Vodafone.
You will be able to visit the stores of the company, to request information and to register any package that interests you.
In the event that the Vodafone store can not cancel the service, you will be told all the steps you have to follow.
As can be sending the form online, visit the forum, calling by phone.


Vodafone Customer Service Hours

The Vodafone company has a long enough schedule to be able to take leave.
Hours Monday to Friday from 09:00-22:00 please note that there are always times when the waiting time may be longer.


Phone to unsubscribe at Vodafone

The different phones to unsubscribe Vodafone are:

Call Vodafone phone for casualties: 607123000
Call the Vodafone telephone number for casualties: 123
To call from abroad: +34 607123000







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