Freephone Ferrovial

Whether you’re a customer, employee or investor group Ferrovial , you will find free phones Customer and the various departments to be able to answer your queries without having to dial expensive 902 numbers.

Here are some telephone numbers for the company, which are not completely free since it is not an 900 number, but about numbers beginning with 91 and therefore only be free in case we have with our telephone company a flat rate for calls to landlines. (más…)

Freephone Aena

If you need information from an airport or a flight arriving or departing at an airport in the Spanish geography here are the free – phone customer AENA so you do not have to call 902 numbers which cost invoice.

On this website you will find both free numbers that identify that begin with 900 or 800, and also find national fixed numbers beginning with 91, 93, 95, or any other national prefix and are only free in case we have called such unlimited numbers. (más…)

Freephone Seur

Here you will find a toll free phone or alternatively 902 SEUR.

If you want to make a quick and safe shipping both within the Spanish geography as an international destination can make use of the services of this magnificent express transportation company whose name is SEUR. (más…)

Freephone Radio Taxi

If you are in Madrid and you need to order a taxi with URGENCI to here you will find the radiotelephone freephone taxi and in a few minutes you will have a vehicle available to you at the address you specify to the operator.

On this page you can find fixed numbers such as taxi radio, to which call is free only if you have unlimited calls to landlines such numbers. (más…)

RENFE Free phones

Here you will find the freephone RENFE for any questions you have to make the customer service of the railway company.

Whether you want to buy some tickets, as if you need information about schedules, trains, and destinations as if you need the phone to ask any questions about the commuter service here you can get the information you’re looking for. (más…)