Telecinco ✅ is a private Spanish television channel, which belongs to the audiovisual media group Mediaset.
In this text, you will find Telecinco’s telephone number, as well as the other ways to contact the company. Telecinco was born in March 1989, and today is one of the leading channels of the audience in our country.


Telecinco’s telephone number


Telecinco’s toll-free number is 913966300.
A national call to speak directly with the headquarters of the chain, located in Madrid. If you want to contact the shareholders of the chain, the telephone number you should call is 913588717 (the national call, and therefore free), from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00 hours.
To talk to investors you must do so at the same time, but by calling 913966783 (toll-free).


Other ways to contact Telecinco


In addition to by telephone, it is possible to contact Telecinco’s customer service department using a contact form available on its website.
Once you click on “Contact” the form opens.
To do so, you must enter the personal data requested, as well as the reason for your query, doubt or suggestion, with a maximum of 600 characters.
Those responsible will contact you via e-mail.
If you would like to contact the investors, you can send an e-mail directly to the following address:
To contact with any of the programs of the Telecinco’s grill you will have to enter in its section and look for the contact form directly with that space.


Telecinco’s social networks


Telecinco has a profile on Facebook and Twitter.
Both networks are regularly updated.
It is published actively and daily in both.
Telecinco’s social networking activity is based on breaking news, playback of content broadcast on the network for users to see again, corporate and audience information, highlights of some of its blogs, etc..
If you want to contact Telecinco customer service through social networks, we recommend that you do so through Facebook.
Both of them have a large following, but on Facebook, the visibility is higher for other users.
The community manager will receive your feedback wherever you do it, but on Facebook, being more visible than others, you have a better chance of getting an answer as soon as possible.
Use the comment box or the wall itself to consult your problem or question.