If you need to contact the service Customer State Lotteries here are some alternative free phones that you can call and resolve all your queries without your having to dial expensive 902 numbers.

Some of the numbers you find on this page are fixed numbers, which usually begin with 91, 93, 95 or any other area code, and that call is much cheaper than a 902 and can even be free if you have rate flat for such calls as usual at current rates telephony.

Customer State Lotteries

If you have any questions regarding online gambling, collecting prizes or to find outlets lotteries and gambling in the state, you can call the following telephone numbers:

  • 913952141
  • 913952142
  • 913489269

Locator lottery outlets

From the website of www.loteriasyapuestas.es you can find all the information of the last draws of all forms of lotteries and betting offered by this organization in Spain, among those found.
National lottery, primitive, Euromillions, Bonoloto, El Gordo, Predictor, Quinigol, Lototurf and Quintuple Plus .

If you want to play in one of these sweepstakes you can do in person by going to one of the many outlets there are distributed throughout the Spanish geography, or you can do so by mode bet . Just choose the draw, the bet type, and make payment by one of the valid media.

If you have moved you go on vacation or for any other reason a different from yours municipality and want to know where to play your usual sweepstakes, you can enter the locator outlets lottery you have available on the website Lotteries and state gambling.

You must know that not all games have the same chance of being graced with a prize. For example , the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery is much greater than to become the absolute acertante prize in the EuroMillions .