The Social Security in Madrid offers attention to citizens both at its headquarters and by telephone, and even through the Internet. In this page, you will find information about the different telephone numbers of the Social Security of Madrid, as well as other complementary information to request your appointment. We hope you find this information useful and practical.

Telephone numbers to make an appointment at the Social Security Office in Madrid

At a national level, the Administration makes available to all citizens some telephone numbers for citizen service at the Social Security in Madrid that may be useful for contacting the body. The main telephone numbers for requesting an appointment at the Social Security Office in Madrid are as follows, although they have special rates as they are 901.

  • Madrid Social Security appointment telephone number for pensions and other benefits: 901 106 570
  • Social Security customer service telephone number for pensions and other benefits: 901 166 565

Apart from these numbers which are linked to the previous appointment, there is a telephone number for affiliation, registration, collection, postponement, RED, SLD, Telematic Services and general information.

The general telephone number for Social Security in Madrid is 901 502050. This number is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm. As for the Social Security General Treasury of Madrid, its free telephone number is 917 148 664. This phone is available until 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you want to consult each of the administrations, you can do so through Google Maps or by asking at the general treasury of Madrid.

Other ways to contact Social Security Madrid

In addition to contacting us by phone, you can make an appointment for Social Security in Madrid by the Internet. Thanks to the Pin Key or the digital certificate you will have in your hands the option of not having to move from your home and ask for an appointment without major complications. To do this, you must request your PIN code or certificate with your electronic ID if you have a reader at home. Otherwise, you can request your password online.

You will receive it by post. There is a third alternative which consists of going to your nearest Social Security office in Madrid and in the section of information and attention to the citizen you can ask for your certificate to be sent to you. If you only want to make an appointment in advance, it is best to go directly to the phone number we have given you previously.