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The expert company in applied technology for the home.

If you would like to know more about the company, simply call the phone number below.

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So forget about it and call the Siemens contact number to find out more about each of their products and see how they benefit our daily lives.

Because it doesn’t just focus on the home, but its power extends to major industries and its benefits to the healthcare sector.

Siemens free phone

To find out about all the advantages Siemens can offer you, simply call the contact telephone number we leave here.

This is a landline phone, so if you want the call to be completely free, you will need to call from another landline number.

You can also do this from a mobile phone, but you need to make sure that it has a flat rate for calls to national fixed lines.

This way, the call will be free and nothing will be charged afterward.

Phone Siemens 915148000

Don’t forget that you must call during office hours so that they can take care of you without fail.

Siemens Customer Service

In addition to the Siemens contact telephone number, its customer service department is also responsible for several other things.

You can also find the information you are looking for, by yourself, by browsing their website.

And if you start following them on social networks, you can be more than up to date with what they download every day, from news from the world of technology to the best promotions for their devices.

And if you need specific information and don’t know where to go, you can go to their contact form and ask for more detailed and complete information.

Areas in which Siemens works

In addition to the Siemens household appliances that make our daily life easier, whether at work or in the office, there is a wide range of other things we can do.

This means that there are different sectors in which it works with the same zeal as the company.

And in a sustainable way, by researching and applying the best technologies :

Automation of industrial machinery
Frequency converters, gearboxes or couplings are the machines Siemens works on to make work easier.
The health field
Technology applied to wellness in the great outdoors, from hospitals to hotels
Mobility systems

Other Siemens contacts

To get to know the company better, just call its phone number.

But if you prefer to find information by yourself, we leave you a series of very interesting links, where you can find what you are looking for :

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