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Looking for the Shopify phone?
Here you will find the best ways to contact the online shop platform.
Consult with customer service all the doubts about the company.

Shopify Free Phone

The company does not have a hotline.
You can contact through its online chat, send your questions about the platform.
Also, you have a contact form and social networks.

You can contact through its online chat, form, and social networks.

Shopify Customer Service

Looking to sell online?
Through Shopify’s online shop services you can.
Consult all the doubts and technical queries through its online chat, contact form, and social networks.

At the end of the article, we provide you with links related to the company, you can make inquiries or report problems with your account.

More about Shopify

It is a company of Canadian origin founded in 2012 by Tobias Lükte, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake.
Its main headquarters are located in Ottawa.
This company is dedicated to e-commerce, allowing millions of sales both in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Problems with your Shopify store
Prices, fees, and commissions
Extensions, plugins, add-ons and more

Today the company has more than 800,000 active stores around the world.
Reaching a record sales of more than 100 million dollars.

Sales at Shopify

Through this digital platform, you can create your online store directly and easily.
You will find on its official website tools and resources to help you use its various sections.

Shopify allows you to start your business dynamically and interactively, giving you the possibility to make your sales no matter the size or expansion of your online business, you will be able to upload your products to the web without interruptions by plugins, servers or other actions required by a personal online store.

This digital platform provides its customers with several ways to start selling, among them you will find the following

Sell on Facebook
Online Store
Shopping Button
Sales Channels

To start selling and generating profits using Shopify you will need to access their section called “Get Started” where they list various steps you will need to follow to register your trademark and set it up.
The drop-down services you will find in this section are:
Start your business, Create your brand, Online presence, Store configuration, etc.

You can also access free tools such as:
Business Encyclopedias, Business Tools, Name Generator, Dropshipping, Domains, Products to sell, Video Tutorials, etc.
They also have an affiliate program that will allow you to generate greater profits.

Web and Social Networks

Consult all the doubts by telephone, web, contact form, and social networks.
You will be able to consult all the doubts from its page of frequent questions and in its networks.

Web site