Here you will find a toll free phone or alternatively 902 SEUR.

If you want to make a quick and safe shipping both within the Spanish geography as an international destination can make use of the services of this magnificent express transportation company whose name is SEUR.

Today we can make the following free phone, Seur contact number

SEUR has offices in many provinces and Spanish populations so we recommend contacting directly with the office of your population, but if you do not know where the nearest office or have any questions about a shipment, a pickup, rates or services you can contact the following numbers SEUR : 9132280 80 00 9132225 and international shipping / 9132280 53/9347979 00 / for pickups at home or 9,124,435 10.

Telephone Customer SEUR

This transportation company has more than 6,600 people to ensure every day that your shipments arrive on time and place indicated by its customers. One of its products most widely accepted is called SEUR 10 which are committed to delivering the shipment the next day of the collection before ten o’clock.

This can be done thanks to its extensive network of offices that make in a few minutes we have a person picking up our shipping and after a few minutes, it has already set sail to your destination through its central distribution if necessary make a shipment by road or by air.

SEUR has an extensive customer service through the above number. In any case, you can make an online inquiry through the website SEUR in a section of stores that will indicate the nearest to your home.

Another of the features that customers value most is tracking at all times can make online form our shipment. Through a tracking code that will be provided to us at the time of collection, we can see where you are, if you have reached your destination,

if it is pending to deliver or if you have had some sort of incident that may delay the deadline.

Through the web, we can perform a calculation of the rates of our shipments without having to get in touch with the company.

Depending on the area of collecting and sending the packet type and the time available to get different delivery rates over which the customer can choose better adjusting your budget and needs.

Sometimes our shipments have a value that may be important for their market value.

In these cases, we can hire insurance service for which the company liable to any damage that may suffer shipping.

The technologies are increasingly influencing the way we consume and provide better service quality in the customer relationship.

This fact is determining that new ways be explored to make the whole process more efficient and faster shipping.

Drones are an element that is emerging as a candidate to improve the speed of service what happens is that its implementation in the daily life of a company can be very expensive and difficult.

Delivery schedules or delivery

On the website, you get free Seur all information about what is the rate of your shipment directly online.
If for whatever reason a shipment has not been delivered in the first delivery we were notified by the means indicated by us an absent message with a code that can provide SEUR and with which we can request a new delivery date. This way we will not have to put a claim or complaint because our shipment has not been delivered to the correct date.

Seur has a service for shipments that need to arrive at a particular temperature, is called SEUR Cold and thanks to its cooling system from collection to delivery will ensure senders to your product, normally supply, comes in a state of optimal conservation as you have indicated.
Seur has offices in virtually all Spanish cities and in many of them, there are several offices SEUR to not have to travel long distances both to ship to pick up others that we were unable to be absent from our home at the time of Delivery.

In Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla are dozens SEUR offices so we recommend searching the nearest to your home to do so by the search engine that makes available the transport company through its website.
From Alicante to La Coruña, not a single province of Spain that does not have any SEUR office and of course performed both nationally and internationally thanks to its fleet of vehicles, trucks and airfreight shipments.

All this information they will notice if you call one of the free phones that you have indicated on this website a little higher.

Seur tracking

In this web, you can request the Seur Tracking of your shipments in order to track them.

Here are some phones Seur in different Spanish provinces.
Bilbao: 944871010
Alicante: 965987777
A Coruña: 981263600
Toledo: 925353024