Free Phone Seprona

The ✅ Seprona ✅ is the specialized corps of the Guardia Civil dedicated to the service and protection of the environment and forest security.
It calls to the telephone of the Seprona and knows to the detail the tasks relative to the hunt, fishing, and conservation of the forests that the department assists in all the national territory and its consequent autonomous communities.

Consult now the telephone Seprona

This specialized body of the Guardia Civil is in charge of taking care of our autochthonous ecosystems and the conservation of rural environments and water resources.
Call the Seprona citizen helpline and find out what you can do to improve the situation of our forests, rivers and fire prevention among other services.
The telephone number in which all your requests or requests for information will be dealt with is 900101062, a free telephone number.
The schedule in which you can make your queries is from 16 September to 15 June from 09:00 hours in the morning to 17:30 hours in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 09:00 hours to 14:00 hours.

Seprona Attention on the Internet

If for any reason you cannot contact the Seprona telephone, the environmental department of the Guardia Civil works through its website.
Once inside the website and if what you need is to send any suggestion, complaint or claim formally and in writing, at the top of the navigation bar of the main page of the website you will find the contact section.
Once inside this section, you will find this email address to resolve any issue related to the environment:
If you prefer, you can also go personally to Seprona’s central offices for citizen services and general information in Madrid.

A much-needed public service

Thanks to the Seprona and its rural patrols, our natural environments are protected as far as possible from any aggression to our natural environment.
In addition, their teams encourage the citizenship behaviors of respect and care with nature.