Here you will find the freephone RENFE for any questions you have to make the customer service of the railway company.

Whether you want to buy some tickets, as if you need information about schedules, trains, and destinations as if you need the phone to ask any questions about the commuter service here you can get the information you’re looking for.

Contact RENFE in this phones

You can contact RENFE at 902320320 corresponding to customer service RENFE. Currently, we do not have any free telephone RENFE.

On the other hand, if we had any problems when purchasing a ticket online form, that is, the Internet can also call phone 954487620 (does not work).

RENFE has a service to disabled people who want to travel and need special seats or a chord certain characteristics to their degree of disability. It does this through its ATENDO service, we contact through 917744040.

Free calls to Customer RENFE

If you are a user of RENFE suburban and you want to know the status of traffic in your usual line to make sure it is paid regularly service you can call toll free 900200212
RENFE offers train service throughout the Spanish geography. Of note is the high – speed network that this year 2015 will increase reaching other mainland capitals. It also has a long – distance service that connects virtually every capital and major population centers of Spain.

The high quality of service that provides commuter service make this means of transport preferred by many workers in large urban centers who live in populations of metropolitan belts and save money and time with their movements in near RENFE.

In the free phone, you have indicated above can get information about tourist train that offers you family company for both daily and on weekends or school trips.

Among them, we can highlight the Strawberry Train traveling Aranjuez, or train Cervantes in which we can see part of the history of this illustrious writer closely linked to the town of Alcala de Henares in the east of the capital Madrid.

Moreover, there are a number of trains that we can plan a few days of sightseeing with a high standard of quality and international recognition. This is, for example, the Al-Andalus or Transcantábrico. It’s a different way to travel, with all amenities and enjoying these unique landscapes that only the train tracks are able to give us.

In northern Spain, RENFE has a lot of kilometers in narrow gauge trains known as FEVE. These roads run through really beautiful areas across mountains and hills of Cantabria and Asturias.

Neighborhoods in Barcelona and Valencia

It is what is known as commuter service to these regions.
Retirees can enjoy best deals and rates to buy tickets for RENFE long as they exhibit the golden card. Discounts are important to the cost of the card is covered in the first purchase in most cases.

The high-speed service of RENFE, also known as AVE now reach a fairly large number of cities. What began as a single line linking Madrid Atocha Station Santa Justa in Seville now joins lot of people but always in a radial shape. Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba, Malaga, Toledo, Valencia, Alicante and many more.

Reservations can be made the online form from the website or in person at RENFE stations and long-distance telephone through the number previously indicated.