If you want to contact the public agency INEM in the Basque Country, you can do through your Lambide in Donostia . We provide all important. We also give you information about the essential way to access physical office and how to make an appointment in Lambide in Donostia online and by phone.

Phone Lambide in Donostia

Lambide  has several offices throughout the Basque Country. In the case of San Sebastian, you can consult the phone Lambie in Donostia in its two headquarters. Lanbide office Old San Sebastian is located at Zarautz, 58. The phone appointment of Lambide in Donostia in this office is 943023836. The office Lanbide San Sebastian Gros is located at Marino Tabuyo, 14 and the telephone number is 943023823. The schedule both cases are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 14 hours. Summertime varies significantly with respect to this being from 9 am to 13.30 pm, also on weekdays. It is interesting to know other ways to make arrangements. In the case of faxes each of the offices that can be very useful for citizens who want to attach documents or is in full paperwork.

Other ways to contact Lambide in Donostia

In addition to the possibility of the phone appointment of Lambide in Donostia, you have at your disposal more current means. It is the case of email. In the offices mentioned above to a mailbox that is available to all citizens. Email Lanbide San Sebastian Old: donostia-antiguo@lanbide.eus. Email Lanbide San Sebastian Gros: donostia-gros@lanbide.eus. If you prefer an electronic means to make an appointment, choose the possibility of opting for pre – appointment online. The possibilities are the numerous and very simple procedure. In fact, you only have to enter your zip code (so that the nearest to your home office is selected) and your NIF. Then you must choose between items, what is the procedure you want to perform. After that, an appointment according to your needs will appear. Certainly, you can go directly to the physical office that ‘s most comfortable geographically but we recommend that you do this only if it is impossible for the appointment (certificates cannot be requested by appointment).