Affinity Petcare

Affinity Petcare freephone

Affinity Petcare Phone

Do not miss the opportunity to call Affinity Petcare’s Phone.
The leader in pet food.
Thanks to its quality products, the health of pets are strengthened and highly benefited.
By calling their toll-free number, you will get information about the types of feed they have, the composition of their feed, the benefits of wet food, allergen-free food, high in protein and different foods for puppies.


Royal Canin

Free Phone Royal Canin

This one we’re about to discover is Royal Canin’s phone.
It is a company specialized in pet food.
Specifically, it is a division of the multinational Mars.
It was founded in 1967.
Since then, it has grown and is present in more than 90 countries around the world.
It is headquartered in France. (more…)