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Pepecar Phone

If you need the Pepecar Phone , here you will find it, as well as other ways to contact this car rental center, you can make all queries about its various brands and vehicles of the latest generation…
The company offers several services focused on rental cars or trucks for removals or travel.

Pepecar Free Phone

To contact Pepecar at the following telephone number.
You can call to request more information about the services, clarify doubts, notify a complaint, etc..

Pepecar telephone 916350317 – 902996666

Pepecar Customer Service

The Pepecar company has offices or a Customer Service Department, in which a large number of professionals in the customer service sector work, willing to make an effort to make you feel comfortable and safe when using the company’s cars.

Pepecar Legend

Pepecar is a car rental company whose brand is Pepe.
It was founded in 2003. The company is a division of the Globalia group.

Besides Pepecar, there are other companies with the Pepe brand, some of these are pepephone, pepetravel, and so on.

Pepecar was created with the intention of providing private transport to all citizens for when they go on family holidays, they need to make a move or for any other reason.
They offer different carts for different occasions. You can meet Ford, Volkswagen, etc..

The Pepecar trade

The Pepecar company offers the best services for you and your family.
In addition, it gives you the best prices at the time of renting your car.

Each one of the cars has advantages and disadvantages, that’s why each one of them is destined for every occasion.
Depending on this and with the help of the employees of the company, you will be able to choose the one that adjusts to your needs.
Among the available cars you will find:

Economic: They are the smallest and cheapest, do not exceed 3m in length. It is recommended that in this type of cars there should be a maximum of 4 people. Among these cars, you can find Ford Ka, Opel Corsa, Volkswagen Polo, etc.

Medium: Intermediate cars are considered. Normally there are 4 people, but if there are 5 there won’t be any problems. It has a trunk with enough space to carry things you want. Some of these are Mercedes Class A, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, etc.

6+ seats: These are a little taller and longer, some are usually 1.60 or 1.80 meters high. They have more space if you want to keep a large object. These seats are higher than other cars and you can change their position for more comfort. Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra, Volkswagen Touran, etc.

Family: Ideal for long journeys; perfect for storing strollers, suitcases, packages, etc. They are very economical and large. Ford C-Max, Renault Megane, etc.

Specials: They are sports cars or the elegant ones perfect to go to a wedding or to the most important events. Audi A3 Convertible, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes C Class, etc.

Vans: These are made to move boxes or large objects, almost always useful when making a move.

Interaction platform

In addition to the phone calls, you can find all the information about Pepecar on its official website.
You can also follow them on their social networks, where you can find the best car rental offers, vehicle recommendations for trips, outings, etc…

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