Here you will find the free phone to contact the customer service of Orange, one of the leading telecommunications companies offering their services in our country.

Orange is currently placed third in terms of market share in the Spanish market, although its growth trend is compared with its two main rivals, telephone and Vodafone month after month look like down the number of active customers.

These are the phones that work today

The telephone service of Orange is really good with a very high quality standards, and the proof is offering these free phones with which to contact their departments.

The first phone, the 1414 is for non-customers while the second, the 1470 is for customers.

You will receive treatment and solve all questions relating to offers, purchases of new phones, rates, service abroad, ADSL.

In parallel we can learn from our bill through the client area of its website.

Orange has several highly valued by its clients services including service buyback old terminals in case we want to renew our equipment and insurance are completely mobile.

Orange is one of the largest companies today and therefore it is easy for some of its stores are near our home or workplace, this information and many other issues could be solved by calling the free phone 1414 and 1470 in depending on whether we are not yet customers or already are.

Customer phone Orange

We are in times of concentrations between Spanish telecommunications companies.

At three they were joined by two medium as ONO and Jazztel were that aggressive customer acquisition policies and great deals, managed to scratch share of the pie in recent years.

In addition to this group of companies the emergence of a new group of small companies that offer services primarily with very competitive rates for calls and mobile data and also are keeping a significant portion of potential new customers especially in was included swaths of lower purchasing power.

In the case of mobile need technical assistance to any fault in our service fixed, Internet or TV, we can call the toll-free phone we have indicated above.

These are available also if we want to give us from the service for which it is not necessary to communicate by email, whether you are an individual or an independent.

The integration of Jazztel will give Orange an increase of approximately 3 points in its share of mobile market but where will notice more clearly the synergies will be in activity ADSL where Jazztel was an important part of customers the Spanish market.

We hope that these mergers do not undermine the free call service has been provided so far by some of these brands.