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Looking for an Onyx Insurance Phone?

In this article, we provide you with the best ways to contact us.

You can also send inquiries, claims, car insurance, home insurance, dental insurance, and others.

Onyx Seguros Free Phone

To make inquiries, complaints, and claims about the company’s products, please contact the telephone number indicated below.

Telephone Onyx Insurance 934953036915500974902090206
24 hours a day – 365 days a year.
Onyx Customer Service

Do you want to calculate the price of your insurance?

Through the company’s website, you can find out about all the conditions and coverage of its policies.

Also, you can contact professionals in the customer service area to resolve your questions and queries, in case you need assistance and support.

Its large team of mediators will be in charge of solving your incidents. You can also access their social networks.

Opinions Onyx Insurance

It is an insurance company, born in 1907.

It has more than 100 years of experience serving the Spanish insurance sector.

Onyx Seguros has the firm and strict mission of providing quality services to all users.

With the main purpose of offering welfare and protection to all, thus contributing to the development of a better society and quality of life.

What services does it offer?

The services of this insurance company go hand in hand with important values such as responsibility and respect towards all its clients.

Where they also incorporate agility, effectiveness and determine alternatives to improve each situation that each user presents.

Today they have a web platform, from which all their customers can quickly navigate through each of the enabled sections.

You can find exclusive services that adapt to every need and every customer.

For this, they offer Home, Car, Dental and Universal Life Insurance, and more.

To avoid setbacks and offer speed in their management, their website has an application that allows you to calculate the price and budget of your insurance immediately, selecting the services that are necessary to meet your requirements and demands.

You will also find other services such as Emergency and home services, medical and dental staff, IT assistance, workshops, etc.


The company offers several services in the promotion to provide its services with viable options to solve every need.

Among the promotions that have enabled today are the following:

Home Promotions: 10% discount and The Euro Solidario.
Cars: 3 free guarantees, 10% discount, Euro Solidario.
Customers: Renew your policy, Battery, Lunches and dinners, Dental health for 5 euros a month.

More Ways to Contact Us

Find out more about insurance and features through their social networks.

They also have a website where they offer various sections for each special service.

Where you can access and determine the price of your insurance immediately.

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