If you need to contact the customer service of ONO you can call one of the free phones that you indicated below.

The company provides services ADSL, cable TV, telephone and lately also offers mobile phone services and for which lack their own infrastructure for this service uses telephone infrastructure.

Today virtually all telecommunications companies are offering packages that included both fixed telephony, mobile, ADSL and TV on demand.

Call freephone ONO

To hire any service with ONO just call 1590, which is the free phone customer of ONO. From that phone, you can receive technical support as well as check availability in your area cable installation to provide timely service.

It is clear that fiber is the future if not already present in telecommunications is concerned.

Has great advantages indicate from right here and therefore all companies are investing heavily to equip their networks so profitable this technology for its customers.

Free phone Customer Ono

Ono has been the pioneer in the introduction of fiber optic cable within the telephone network in Spain. The optical fiber is ideal for sending data networks mainly for two reasons. It allows high speed and bandwidth can be achieved download speeds of up to 100 Mb and more in our home teams. In addition to being made primarily of plastic and non-metallic components is immune so common phone interference to other networks.

Optical fiber cables allow data transfer a much less cable section, this means using much thinner cables, which also weigh very little and are endowed with great flexibility. Against us we will have this technology has a much more fragile and also when a break occurs is hardly excusable in return for what happens to the copper wires on which can perform a splice or welding so that the network continues to function.

The world of telecommunications in Spain is in the process of concentration. There are nearly a dozen first-class operators that offer great customer service in all areas.

Apart from these companies including Ono, Telefonica, Telstra, Vodafone would stand, we have a vast amount of operators of smaller they are using the infrastructure of the largest and are doing very aggressive offers prices based on important reducing costs and lower customer. It is difficult to find free phones of these companies if we want to contact them as customers for any clarification invoice, fees or services.

If we want to file a complaint or grievance, or just want information or communicate a fault in the line of Ono we can call the phone number above. This phone is no cost or calling from a landline 91.

We can also enter our client area and send an email requesting any information we want.

This large amount of supply has triggered a price war with a sale continued both in voice tariffs and data. This has caused a significant reduction in business margins large companies now try to avoid based purchases by the most powerful starting a process of concentration of companies occur.
Ono, being equipped with a large cable infrastructure has been one of the first to be absorbed, in this case, Vodafone has paid just over 7000 million euros for all its assets and customer base.




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