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Looking for a free O2 phone ?
Here we present you several forms of contact available from the company of Internet and O2 telephony.
Contact customer service now, resolve all questions related to the company, problems accessing your customer account, download invoices, change rates, contracts and cancellations, complaints.

Movistar O2 Free Phone

Movistar’s O2 company arrives in Spain and has several ways of contacting its customer service team.

You can call the O2 telephone number indicated below.
You can also find other forms of contact such as email and social networks.

Telephone O2 Customer service 1551 Monday to Sunday from 9:00h to 22:00h
Email: ayuda@O2online.es

O2 Movistar Customer Service

Telef√≥nica’s O2 company offers the highest quality mobile connection, with more than 90% coverage throughout Spain.

You can contact their customer service department to ask questions and problems with their services.
If you have a fault in your installation, you can contact the technical service to request assistance and solve your incidents, their technicians will repair your fault and you will be able to browse again and make calls.

Request O2 Unsubscribe

In O2 there is no permanence or annoying calls to try to sell you something, you can request cancellation of O2 easily.
You must notify within 15 days and return the equipment installed in your home, you can request cancellation easily.

How to contract O2

You can start hiring O2 services by calling the hiring telephone number, you must indicate your name and surname, address of the address where you want to install the system, number of telephones to carry in case of portabilities, bank account number where the bills pass.
You can find telephony services with unlimited calls, Internet services with fiber to surf at maximum speed.

Activate SIM O2

If you already have your O2 SIM, you must activate the service, you can start using the service by calling 1551.
If it is a new number insert the SIM in your mobile and turn on the phone, in a few seconds it will be working and activated the service and ready to be used.

When to invoice O2

O2’s billing cycle is the same as Movistar’s, starting on the 18th of the month and ending on the 17th of the following month. You can consult your invoices and download them from the My O2 app.


You can download the “My O2” app from the App Store and Google Play, download the application for free and you can check your bills, mobile consumption and measure your connection speed.
You will be able to manage all your telephone lines and contracted services.

Fiber and Mobile

With O2 you can get fiber and mobile up to 100Mb of symmetrical fiber, 20GB, and unlimited calls, rates without small print.

You can check O2 prices for Internet and telephony from their website.
The network works with Movistar’s 4G coverage.
The line fee is included in the price, you can contract up to 4 mobile lines per user.

The fixed telephony line includes calls to national fixed lines, installation, and free router to navigate at maximum speed.

Unlimited SMS, you can browse from your mobile without surprises, there will be no additional charges on your bill, except calls to special rate numbers.

Web and Social

The company answers all questions on social networks from Monday to Sunday from 10:00h to 18:00h.
You can call the customer service telephone number indicated in the article, or contact through social networks for free.

Web O2
Twitter O2







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