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✅ Norwegian Airlines has telephone numbers to assist its customers in the request for information and process of formalities related to its service and in this post, you will find that information.

Norwegian Airlines Customer Service

Now you can contact the airline by calling the phones available to its customers.
Complaints, schedule changes, flight cancellations, all the information by phone.

Norwegian Airline Phone 900838065
Other customer service telephone numbers 902848080

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, better known simply as Norwegian, ranks third as the largest low-cost airline in Europe and is also the second-largest airline in Scandinavia.
In 2009, the company carried 10.8 million passengers on at least 150 routes to 94 different destinations in regions such as Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Norwegian bases located outside Scandinavia and European flights outside Scandinavia are not operated directly by this airline but are carried out by its Irish subsidiary Norwegian Air International, with which it shares a brand and the various channels of communication with customers.

Its main base of operations is at Oslo-Gardermoen Airport, but it also has secondary bases in Bergen, Stavanger, Moss, Copenhagen, Trondheim, Stockholm and Warsaw.
It provides many frequencies on domestic routes in Norway, combined with a low number of frequencies to international destinations from its bases.

History of Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX) was created on January 22, 1993, to carry out the flights of the regional airline Busy Bee for Braathens that ran in western Norway.

Busy Bee, founded in 1967, was a subsidiary of Braathens operating a fleet of Fokker 50 aircraft for charter flights.
This included a network of regional flights within the West Coast cities operating for its parent company.

Services offered by Norwegian Airlines

You always have the possibility to give yourself a snack while you are aboard one of Norwegian’s planes if you like. You can buy some snacks on most short-haul flights. If you get a stronger dish onboard international long-haul flights, you should make sure you ask for it in advance and this way you can be sure that your dish will be ready by the time you are on the flight.

International long-distance flights. On long-haul international flights, an excellent meal is served that consists of three dishes. So if you’ve booked a LowFare or Flex ticket, don’t forget that you have to order some time in advance so you don’t miss out on their dishes.

Free WiFi. Just take your electronic device with you, whether it’s a phone, tablet or laptop, all you have to do is connect and navigate with it. In the WiFi portal, you can access the “Video on Demand” service, where you can find a wide range of films and TV series that you can watch on your own device.

Live TV. As one of the first airlines in Europe, Norwegian now provides live TV news on board. Just connect your tablet, smartphone or laptop and you can stay up to date even when you’re in the air, thanks to living news broadcasts from Bloomberg TV and TV 2 News.

Norwegian Airlines also has an award-winning entertainment system. You can choose any movie or TV series you want to watch. Or maybe you’d rather have a game than an addictive game. You’ll also find the award-winning interactive 3D map, which allows you to explore your destination and read some tips on which sites you can visit in that locality and what to do during your stay. Even before you arrive.

Other ways to contact Norwegian Airlines

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Norwegian Airlines Address
Terminal T2 in Madrid. Spain





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