Here you will find some free and alternative Adeslas 91 numbers so that you can call free of charge and talk to their sales team. Read on to find out how to contact the insurance company for free.

Contact Adeslas by phone

From here you will be able to find Adeslas’ free telephone numbers, contact us now free of charge for whatever you need. Here you can find the best ways to contact the departments of new customers, freelancers, SMEs, companies, claims, invoices, ambulance transfer to hospital, medical home delivery, discharges and discharges, discounts, promotions, and rates.

The Adeslas telephone number is 9103273375 and if you wish to contact other departments, we offer you several numbers below.

  • Adeslas dental 913300269
  • From abroad 003491745453280
  • Adeslas hospital emergencies 90210939393 or 900322237
  • Adeslas authorizations telephone 91564545454

Most consulted in Adeslas

  • Adeslas telephone
  • Individual customer service
  • SMEs and the self-employed
  • Adeslas medical team
  • Adeslas health rates
  • Roadside assistance and claims
  • Dental Insurance Appointments
  • Assistance at home
  • Adeslas Authorizations

Talk to Adeslas Customer Service

By calling Adeslas by telephone you will be able to solve your doubts and ask for information. It is one of the largest health insurance companies in Spain.

It currently has more than 3 million health customers, who are attended by more than 43,000 physicians who work for the company.

If you want to manage any claim, whether it be home, death, roadside assistance, car or accident, you can contact 932750273.

The company has several telephone numbers to contact the customer service department.

More information about Adeslas

Millions of clients have decided to hire Adeslas for its safety, quality of care and its large medical staff.

One way of creating value for the customer is through an efficient website that allows policyholders to access the information without having to pick up the phone and in turn without having to use the telephone services of the SegurCaixa Adeslas group.

This has been achieved through a very effective website with a great deal of information but at the same time with a high level of usability.

In Adeslas phone you will be able to find out more information.

Adeslas Authorizations by phone

From the Adeslas website we can consult any doctor in your medical team, as well as obtain authorisations for diagnostic tests, or obtain information on all types of insurance marketed by the company.

If we want an authorization we must call Adeslas by phone.

Other ways to contact Adeslas

Many companies today offer other ways to contact them besides by phone.

You can fill in the contact form on their website or access more information from the company’s social networking profiles.

In Adeslas customer service telephone number is a number that will give you information and answer your questions.