This is the phone number of the Moroccan Embassy in Spain. This Moroccan Embassy in Spanish territory is responsible for preserving the good understanding of the host nation with its neighboring country, as well as opening up business channels between the two areas and, of course, providing assistance to the people of Morocco living in Spain.

Call the Moroccan Embassy in Spain on the phone

The phone number of the Moroccan Embassy in Spain is a phone that does not have any special rates, as it has a 91 as a prefix, so the simple fact that you call this number will not have any additional cost in your phone bill.
This telephone number is 91 563 10 90.
For assistance, it is best to call during business hours.
Contacting the free telephone number of this embassy will be as simple as calling the number we have given you.
Think about what you want to ask and in case you need to be diverted to a specific department, ask for it.

More ways to contact the Moroccan Embassy in Spain

To contact the citizen service of the Embassy of Morocco in Spain you have more options, and one of them is to do it through their fax number, which is the following: +34 91 561 78 87.

Write an email to the Moroccan Embassy

Through the official website of the Embassy of Morocco, you can continue to see other alternative ways of contacting us, such as writing an email to this address:
With any of the options, you will receive the answer you are looking for as if you were writing to the US Embassy in Madrid and other international institutions.