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We have for you, in this post, Merck’s Phone. For you to contact the leading company in technological advances in Spain.

A company that touches all the sticks in the business world, in order to benefit many areas.

So do not miss the opportunity to know how Merck works in the areas of the automotive, pharmaceutical industry, emerging biotechnologies, effect pigments, allergies, and health care.

Merck Free Phone

There are many areas that it touches, but always focusing on technological processes, so that these same areas, get much more benefit.

That is why it has a couple of numbers so you can call easily and get all the information you need through the customer service switchboard.

Merck phone 900102964
Headquarters 917454400
Adverse events 917454459
Fax 917454444

To be attended, you must call from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 15:00, except on holidays.

Merck Customer Service

As you can see, you have different contact numbers, so you can receive all the information you need about the company, for you or for your business. So don’t hesitate to call.

But if by chance you prefer other ways of contacting us, remember that Merck, has an email, social networks, even a web page so you can be updated with all its developments throughout its career.

Merck Health Care

One of the areas where Merck works hardest, to evolve and revolutionize its benefits and results, is the area of health.

The technology applied in its different branches has managed to make medicine evolve in several sectors. For example:

Neurology and Immunology
Oncology treatments
Fertility processes
General Medicine
Treatments for allergies
Miscellaneous medications for safe consumption

But in addition, it does not only deal with the health sector, as you can see.

It is also in charge of covering the field of science itself, to make them evolve in the research fields.

Clinical and diagnostic
Emerging biotechnologies
Analysis of the environment
Processes in different foods and beverages
Public and academic research sector
Industry sector
Productions in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical research
And its quality control

In addition, to show that the world of technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, there is another sector working.

And it’s about different materials to improve different products used in other areas

Effect Pigments
Functional technologies

Other ways to contact Merck

Through the contact telephone numbers, you can communicate with the switchboard and its customer service.

But there are other ways of communication, which are very comfortable and where you can also get more information.

Websites Merck
Email address Merck
Youtube Merck
Facebook Merck
Twitter Merck