What would you like to eat today?
What products do you need?
Just call ✅ Mercadona’s phone number and ask for it.
Founded in 1977, Mercadona has expanded to more than 1600 supermarkets.
This has led it to become the first food center in Spain and one of the most important companies operating in our country.

Contact Mercadona’s telephone number

Mercadona’s business is focused on five different areas: food, drink, personal hygiene, pet care and household cleaning.
For each of them, the company has its own brand and under it, are hidden high-quality products manufactured by some of the most important companies in the country.
If you have any questions about the products, please use Mercadona’s toll-free telephone number: 900 500 103.
You can call this number with complete peace of mind because it won’t cost you anything. It is worth mentioning the excellent customer service.
For them, the customer is the king and they have developed some strategies to increase their satisfaction.
An example of this is home delivery.
You can do your shopping and the same employees take it to your door.

Call the toll-free number and order the Mercadona Card

Use your Mercadona Card to pay for purchases you make in shops and on the Internet.
It is a personal and non-transferable means of payment, which offers several forms of payment: daily or monthly. Contact Mercadona customer service and ask for it.
It is totally free and gives you numerous benefits.

Mercadona customer service number

Mercadona is a company that is constantly looking after its customers.
So that they can request information, make a complaint or even make a suggestion, in addition to offering the Mercadona telephone number, Mercadona offers its Online section to customers.
Here you will find the frequently asked questions that consumers ask themselves.
It’s quite possible that the answer to that question you have may be there because it crossed someone else’s mind before.
It also offers a contact form where personal data is optional and is only needed in case you expect a reply.

Write to Mercadona’s Twitter

If you only have your mobile phone handy and don’t want to call Mercadona’s free phone number, you can use Social Networks.
Mercadona has a Twitter profile and a Facebook page from which its Community Managers can reply directly to you at any time of the day.




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