If you have any queries regarding policies, claims, contracts can call the freephone customer Mapfre we offer below.

Telephone Customer Mapfre

Mapfre is the largest insurer in the Spanish market, which has traded capitalization more and more customers account in its many types of insurance. One of the main elements of its business philosophy is excellent customer service and this could not start provided without an excellent telephone service. Freephone through to contact 915812000 Mapfre . In addition, the company has many numbers of type 902 if you want to contact them.

The presence of insurance abroad is very large, and although the largest number of customers are within the borders of our country, has had great growth in many Latin American countries as well as in the British market through the purchase of a local insurer.

Mapfre is a leader in many segments of the insurance world, from automotive branch to branch in the life and homeowners insurance.

The company has a strong social commitment and it develops many activities through its Mapfre Foundation. It is known among other great informative and educational work of the company in all matters relating to road safety. This is implemented through projects and initiatives through its portal road safety “Circulates sure.”
Within the principles of the Foundation are the promotion of cultural and artistic activities and work towards a better quality of life for citizens.
The Mapfre insurance offer is very large, covering virtually the entire spectrum of supply that we need in the insurance segment. You can make inquiries through the free phone you have indicated above, It is a phone that you can call at no cost whenever you have flat rate calls to landlines nations.
There will inform you if you need information motorbike or car insurance, health, life insurance, home insurance, dental, even if you go on a journey and you need medical coverage or any other type in your travel.

Travel assistance: Towing Service

If our policy is including roadside assistance service you may apply for a tow truck to take your vehicle to the shop of your trust. Any impact on travel can cause us a serious disorder it is appropriate that this assistance is included in our policy.

If we want to give a party for some sinister either in our home or our vehicle we can also direct the free phone we indicated at the beginning (if we make the call from a phone with flat rate for calls to numbers 91 or national) fixed.

The previous phone can also be used in the event that we are investors or shareholders need information Mapfre and meeting attendance, dividends, contributions or premiums for attendance at meetings. The company distributes dividends annually in what purports to be a policy of care of its shareholders and major investment partners. To do distributed about half of its annual net profit and the other half is used to grow what in recent years has been able to make corporate purchases in other markets expanding and becoming a much more internationalized and less dependent on the results and company the economic progress of the domestic market.
The reasons why we want to contact the insurance are very spacious especially considering the large number of services and coverage they offer, from repair services for accidents, deaths, medical coverage, travel agencies, car sales, renting.

Phones Mapfre Colombia to Mexico 018000627373 018000519991 08106667424 Chile Argentina Peru 2133333 6007004000

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