It is probably one of the best-known brands of beer in the world and one of the best known in Spain.
As a large company, your attention to the user is a priority and we, therefore, recommend that you use Mahou’s telephone as much as possible to keep up to date with everything that surrounds the Spanish company.

Contact Mahou’s phone number

Mahou’s brewing tradition goes back to the year of its foundation, 1890.
For 125 years, and those that remain, the Spanish entity has not only made beer known in our country, but today is one of the companies that best represents the brand Spain throughout the world.
Its first factory was opened in Madrid, specifically in the street Amaniel 29, place that nowadays occupies the ABC Museum of Illustration.
In addition to the production and marketing of his beer, Mahou has always exploited his facet of support for different institutions or initiatives, such as sport or cinema.

Mahou Customer Service Number

If you would like to know more about Mahou, you can contact them and ask any questions you may have through their Mahou Customer Service Department at 902200220, where you can also call them with any questions you may have as a Mahou consumer. Remember that this number is not free.

Other ways to contact the company

As every consultation is a world, we understand that not all can be solved using the telephone as the main alternative.
If you prefer to use another way, the Internet may be the best solution, especially since Mahou provides users with a contact form that you can access to write any comments you like.

When you enter their website, go to the bottom of the portal and click on contact.
There you will find, in addition to Mahou’s phone number, the form we have spoken about, which is identical to that of San Miguel and similar to the one you can find in Estrella Galicia.

Choose the category that suits your request, fill in your details and you can send your query directly to Mahou, who also has a presence on social networks with open profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.