Lime freephone

Lime Toll-Free

If you need to contact Lime’s toll-free number, here you can do so immediately.

We have all the forms of contact available with the company.

If you have any problem when renting electric scooters, if you can’t access your account, problems with passwords and invoices, claims, damaged scooters or accidents.

Contact us by calling the following telephone numbers.

Free Lime Phone

You can now contact Lime by calling the toll-free number we have provided.

You can also do this by sending an email or using the contact form.

Pictures of the ways to contact us using the social networks, contact line three of the following numbers.

Phone 1 (888)-LIME-345
Text messages 1 (888)-546-3345

Lime APP

Linea is an American transport rental company, very famous in the main cities of Spain, its revolutionary transport system has left no one indifferent.

It is a startup founded in 2017 in California.

You can download the Lime app for free and it is available for Android and iPhone.

It is currently present in over 70 countries and has achieved success with its electric scooters for rent.

Challenging several city councils it has put in several locations where the main ones would be the center of the cities, a large number of scooters available for immediate use.

Shared rental vehicles in Madrid are triumphing, the collaborative economy is sweeping the capital.

Contact Lime

As you can see, Lime Bike offers several ways to contact its customers.

Their electric scooters, also called scooters, are available for you to ride anywhere and park on the sidewalk.

Lime Madrid and Barcelona

After several problems with the city council, you can now find Lime’s electric scooters in Madrid and Barcelona, distributed throughout the city center.

Its use is simple, you must approach to open the application from your smartphone and bring it to the scooter.

The same, FREE to use it and move where you need.

Once the trip is over, you only have to deactivate the service from the application of your mobile, you will be charged an amount for the use of the electric scooter.

The company is available in several European cities such as Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Zurich, and Frankfurt.

Download Lime

You can download Lime and start using its service or contact through the profiles in the social networks.

Send an email to your customer service team.

Lime APP Store
Lime Google Play








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