To contact this company of German origin, which has become a major supermarket chain in Europe, you can contact its Customer Service department.
Here you will find ✅ Lidl’s telephone number so that you can consult about the company, its services, and clarify any doubts or concerns about the company.

How to contact Lidl’s phone number?

Occupying the seventh position in food distribution is important. Lidl’s been in that position for a few years. This German supermarket chain is owned by the Schwarz Group.
It has already been growing for 20 years in Spain, with more than 500 establishments spread throughout this European country.
If you want to contact the company to receive some kind of information or to clarify any doubts, we will offer you Lidl’s free telephone number so that its users can establish communication with them in an easier way.
By calling 900958311, you will contact Lidl’s customer service hotline and be attended to by Lidl’s customer service team.
The timetable is from Monday to Saturday from 9:00h to 20:00h. Here you can request the information you want about Lidl.


Hours of operation

And if you want to go to a Lidl store you can do it from Monday to Saturday from 9:00h to 21:30h and on Sundays from 10:00h to 15:00h.
It is important to note that these times may vary depending on the community where they are located and their holidays.
You can confirm whether the store you wish to visit is open or not, by calling the Customer Service number, or through the website by checking the available stores.


Lidl Supermarkets Customer Service Alternatives

Lidl has 2 possibilities for its customers to contact them without having to leave home.
The first option you can turn to is through their website, filling out the contact form, where you will place the form in which you want to be contacted.
In addition, on Lidl‘s official website you will find an FAQ section where you can see the most common questions answered by the Lidl team, thus being able to ask the questions you want.
Lidl has at the disposal of its clients the e-mail where its users can request services or formulate their doubts, being answered as soon as possible.