In this article, you will find Lebara’s phone number to contact customer service at the phone company.
They will solve all your doubts and problems, and you can also find other ways to contact the company for free.

Contact Lebara Customer Service

From here we will inform you of the telephone numbers to contact the customer service department.
You can manage registrations and cancellations, complaints, general information, rates, portability. The Lebara customer service telephone number is 2224.

  • The number to call from another operator 901810810
  • Other information telephone numbers 912769175 or 912769170

Customer service hours on these phones are from 10 am to 10 pm Monday to Sunday.

Lebara Mobile Phone Number

Lebara Mobile is a company specializing in cheap rates for international calls. It is a telephone company that is eminently used by residents in Spain.
It is used by those who need to call outside of Spain frequently either to contact their family or for financial reasons.
Dial 2224, the free Lebara customer phone number.

In the previous number for Lebara mobile customers, you can make any management or inquiry regarding your tariff, line, data, top-up, balance, sim, invoice or any other issue, without having to spend any more money.

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Other ways to contact us

On Lebara’s own website we have a search engine for you to enter the country where you usually make your calls and you can automatically check the applicable rate and the savings you can get from this company.
There are rates that include minutes for international calls, minutes for national calls as well as megabytes for surfing the internet in Spain from your mobile phone.
Call Lebara toll-free and ask for more information.

There are specialized rates for calls to Latin American countries, calls to the European Union, to the Philippines, to African countries.

All this and much more can be reported if you call the free telephone, Facebook, Twitter or the alternative 901 special rate number indicated on this page.



Lebara Free Phone Numbers
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