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✅ Kelisto Phone ✅

Do you want to compare the prices of services?
By calling Kelisto’s Phone, you can see how the price calculator works, what to do to save money, etc.

Also, you can find out about the company’s services, such as
Insurance, Internet and telephony, finance, among others.

Kelisto Free Phone

Below are the phone numbers where you can contact Kelisto.
In addition to the telephone number, you can also contact them via their email and contact form.

Kelisto telephone 917325253
Press Contact 914472676
Editorial Team 914472676

Address: Calle Fuencarral, 123 7º A, 28010, Madrid.

Kelisto Customer Service

If you wish to be attended by their customer service team, you can write to them via email or go directly to their offices.
Also, you can access Kelisto’s social networks to find out about offers or recommendations on the services it offers.
You can also use their official website to find out more about the company’s foundation.

History of Kelisto

This is a price comparison of the services that citizens use every day, such as the Internet, telephone, energy, finance, travel, and even insurance.
The company aims to save its customers money by providing them with information on which service is the most economical.

Also, the company offers some things you can do to save money, such as disconnecting all electrical appliances that we do not use, turning off the tap when it is not necessary to have it open, etc.

Compare prices of Kelisto

The company is looking for ways to save you money, so it offers you price comparators for the following services:

  • Insurance:
    This section is based on offering you the best prices for the insurance you want to buy. Among these, you can find the car, van, motorcycle, pet, mobile, business, health, life, home, day, and death.
  • Internet and telephony:
    The company will compare the best rates for the Internet, mobile, TV, and Wifi 4G. Also, the company offers two options for you to save money on mobile telephony. These are prepaid or contract rates.
  • Finance:
    Here we can find all those services related to money. Among these are bank accounts, cards, loans, mortgages, and deposits.
  • Energy:
    This is a service for all those people or companies, that are moving to a place that does not have electricity and gas, since the company is in charge of offering an energy price comparator, to save money at the time of paying these services.

Ways to contact

To contact the company, without having to call them on their phone, you can do so via the company’s email or by using the private chat on social networks.
On the other hand, if you want to know more about the company, you can access their website.

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