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History of JVC

JVC, a technology company of Japanese origin, founded in 1927, working in the field of electronics, is credited with being the inventor of the VHS player.

And having also manufactured a television, this company specializes in the manufacture of loudspeakers, camcorders, cameras, headphones and also audio equipment for cars, among others.

In 1930, it began the production of records and in 1932, it produced radio receiving equipment.

And in the year 1939, it realized the manufacture of its first TV equipment.

For years, it integrated new technologies into its audio and video equipment, to give its product the quality status it enjoys today.

All of the electronic equipment that JVC produces is intended for the professional audio and video markets and for home use.

Today, this multinational company covers all its business activities worldwide and its most important markets are Europe, the United States, and Japan.

Its recognized trajectory and the quality of its products have earned it worldwide recognition.

It has also become an official sponsor of numerous sporting and cultural events.

Events such as the FIFA World Cup, which made its debut at the 1982 World Cup in Spain and has been an active sponsor ever since.

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