Just Eat freephone

Just Eat Phone

Contact the Just Eat Telephone immediately, thanks to the following article you will be able to locate the telephones available by the company.

We also provide you with their social networks and other forms of contact.

Reservations, Claims, Offers and promotions, download the app, etc.

Just Eat Free Phone

Here we provide you with the telephone number you should call to contact the company.

If you have problems placing your order from the application, with the payment method or with the order, call the customer service department for more information.

Just Eat telephone 910507394

Address: Calle Condesa de Venadito, 1, 28027 Madrid

Just-Eat Customer Service

Contact your customer service department by phone to resolve any questions.

You will be able to resolve queries and request information about orders and problems with the mobile application.
Payment methods, returns, refunds, etc.

It is recommended that you have the details of your order at hand so that the purchase process will be faster and your food will arrive at your home as soon as possible.

Just Eat

Just Eat is an online platform (web and app) that puts food lovers in touch with specialists in the field.

So that your experience is fast and your food is a real gastronomic delight.

Just Eat was founded in 2001 in Denmark, and they are pioneers in the home food market.

It currently has branches in more than 13 countries: Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand.

Just Eat registered more than 170 million orders in 2017, currently has 93,700 registered restaurants at its service and more than 24 million users who enjoy the best food service at home.

Fast food

It offers the best fast food service, with almost 94,000 restaurants, and has a great variety of cuisine, from the most gourmet Italian food to the most traditional Spanish food.

They have the best methods of payment, the most widely used and the fastest to use.

Make your payments using your MasterCard, Visa, Safeke, and PayPal.

You can affiliate your business to Just-Eat by paying a small monthly fee. In addition to getting all the benefits of being an affiliate, double your business’ profits with just one click.

You will be part of a select group of restaurants that will be asked to place orders according to the customer’s needs.

Locate your business, with more than 24 million users your restaurant will become the focus of the city, the number of customers will increase significantly and therefore your profits will increase.

You will be able to obtain ratings from all your customers through the Just Eat app.

Discount coupons

There are two types of coupons that are added as credit to your payment card and the coupons which generate a discount amount on your total to be paid.

The more you order the more coupons you can get.

Website and social networks

Follow them on all their social networks to keep you informed about new affiliated restaurants, new recipes available at your favorite restaurant, special promotions and discount coupons for using the app.