Contact the telephone hotline Jazztel calling the free phone that indicates you.

Free phone call Jazztel

Today the phone at no cost to contact with Jazztel is 1565.
There Besides other phones depending on whether you are individual or company, or if calling from abroad or from Spain but all this information will be provided from the above-stated number.

If the problem is a drop in the line or any other problems with the lines we may contact the service center by calling 1568.

Jazztel customer service

Jazztel is a leading Spanish telecommunications companies. It has focused its commercial efforts in the implementation of ADSL in homes and Spanish companies with fixed telephony services but has not lately been forced to increase its offer also to mobile telephony.

This has been fueled by the proliferation of its competitors combined offers mobile and fixed telephony, ADSL and pay TV services.

We are very aware to update any changes that may take place in the customer service Jazztel by integration with the Orange teleco. In principle, they are to keep both brands but in the future, it may be that the merger is complete and should unify phones and services. In late December 2014 valid phones are indicated above.

Jazztel has achieved in recent years a good market share in the fixed telephony and ADSL-based intensive advertising campaigns accompanied by good technical support by phone. The vast majority of telecommunications companies have enabled recent years freephone numbers in which to contact for any questions concerning tariffs, bills, service failures, malfunctions, offers or any other matter, and Jazztel not going to be contrary to the market.

But the fact of having a phone number without cost or free in which to contact the company is no guarantee that claims or complaints by those flames go to solve quickly, and that is what has treated the department Jazztel customer, satisfied customers that appeal with new customers positive ratings. For this reason, Jazztel is one of the best companies valued by its customers.

Whether you want to sign up or down a line with Jazztel you can use the numbers outlined above or you can also send any information via email.
The purchase by the Spanish operator Orange in recent months has changed the map of telecommunications. It is a new philosophy that hopefully fits and respect the highest standards of quality phone service that have been offering so far.