Izzi freephone

Telephone Izzi

If you need to contact the Izzi Telephone here we show you the free numbers to which you can call.
IZZI Mexico has several 01800 telephone numbers that customers can contact if they wish.
The company has become a reference in the sector offering telephony services, the Internet and television.

Izzi Telephone Number

Telephone Customer Service IZZI Mexico 01 800 120 5000

Now you can call the Izzi 01 800 contact number indicated in the article.
Ask questions about their rates, additions, and deletions of new contracts, technical service, claims, bill payments.
All the information you need with attention to Izzi customers.

Izzi Television

With the Izzi TV service, you will be able to enjoy the best movies, series, and television programs, in addition to not missing any football match, all together with a wide range of sports for the whole family to enjoy.
The contents that you can see on Izzi TV are private, you can find out their rates and hiring forms on the company website.

Izzi Internet

Izzi’s Internet connection plans range from 10 to 50 megs.
You can contact the Internet with Izzi and enjoy your favorite games, download music, movies.
If you have problems or breakdowns with your Internet connection, you can contact their technical service department.
An Izzi technician will come to your home to repair the connection.

Izzi Telephony

Telephony is another of the services offered by Izzi in Mexico for all their customers, you can check all their plans to call and surf the Internet from your mobile.
Discover the latest rates on their website.