ING customers who want to contact the customer service department of ING can find information on this page a number of free phones ING those who do not have to make any extra payment on your phone bill.

When we talk about phones we are free referring to phones that are not 902 or 901, that is, phones that can call for free without his company repercussions would no charge as long as we hired a service flat rate for calls to landlines. The call may come from a fixed or mobile phone.

Please contact ING

If you are a customer and want to make any question about your accounts at ING you should call 912066666 while if you are not yet a customer and want to inform ING products can contact the freephone  912066655 ING.

Free calls to customer ING

The phone that I have outlined above is the telephone service to the general customer of ING, a large bank that has committed an attention to rapid customer and quality, constituting this call one of the strong and teach the orange bench points.

We are talking about a bank whose primary means of customer support is via phone and internet but lately have been opening more and more branches of the bank throughout the Spanish geography. Indicate here some addresses of their branches.
Madrid: There are 6 branches. They are in Paseo de las Acacias, O’Donnell, Costa Rica Street, Móstoles and Las Rozas.
Barcelona: Offices in Numancia Street and Avenida Meridiana 216.
ING is destined to be the leading bank in each of its customers.

Also, the orange broker has good conditions for the bank ING is chosen to maintain the equity portfolio of its customers. These conditions can directly check by calling freephone ING that you have reviewed a little higher but basically realized in the absence of maintenance fees actions as long as we make at least a purchase or sale of shares in the last 6 months.

ING payroll account has important advantages as the lack of account maintenance fees, debit cards and free credit and free transfers to national accounts. Moreover, the most famous account of the orange is the orange bank account, no commission with a higher payroll account profitability.

We can also open accounts for freelancers or business enterprises as well as operations in the orange bag through the broker, which has a commission very tight and competitive if you want to make a buy and hold strategy.

Plan friend and new fees at ATMs

Ing has a promotion where a customer gets another friend or acquaintance an account is made in the state, both will get an amount that can range around 50 €, is what is known as the friend plan.

Moreover, before you could withdraw money at any ATM 4b network Spain and no fee is charged for the bank’s customers but now and 2016 at best, only be for now withdraw money from ATMs very delicate branches and offices among which are the Popular bank, and the bank Pastor among others.

ING‘s online platform has changed little makes its interface although there is the option of entering the client area from both the old and the new platform, though keeping both the same login access.
Once inside we enjoy the same products as before, accounts, oranges and pension mortgages.
There is a promotion within the area of Orange Shopping for which there are some discounts on purchases made in certain items such famous online stores such as Amazon.



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