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The ING Group, or Internationale Nederlanden Groep, is a Dutch financial company offering banking, insurance, and investment services.
ING Direct is the virtual bank that operates in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and Spain among other countries.
It is headquartered in Amsterdam and in Spain, it is headquartered in Las Rozas.

ING Direct Customer Service Phone

If you want to find ING Direct’s free phone number, we show it below.
Whether you want to create an account without payroll, ask about the types of mortgages, pension plan, ask how to open an account at ING, which ATMs to withdraw money without commissions and more.

ING Direct telephone for individuals, freelancers, and companies

ING Direct offers services to individuals and companies.
Savings accounts, payroll or card accounts, investment funds, mortgages and loans, insurance and even Twyp are available to the client.
The latter is a mobile application that allows you to withdraw money from a network of member establishments without having to pay commissions.
Its three types of savings accounts stand out among its products: the Cuenta Naranja (Orange Account), Cuenta Mini (Mini Account) and Depósitos Naranja (Orange Deposits).
Among its cards are the Payroll Account, Non-Salary Account, Cards, and Orange Shopping.
Being an online bank, it works mainly in this way, so the steps to be taken are mainly through the telephone number or from the customer area of the website.
In the following section, we provide you with the telephone numbers to call in order to contact ING Direct.

Contact ING Direct customer service now

The best thing you can do to request any information about your accounts, insurance or products is to call one of ING Direct’s toll-free numbers.
When you call one of the company’s numbers you will be attended by a professional manager who will be in charge of informing you about their operations, loans, mortgages and help you in any question you may have and resolve incidents.
If you are a private individual and you are an ING Direct client, you can call 912066666 toll-free to contact their customer service department and resolve any issue or call +34 916 349 222 if you are calling from abroad.
If you are not a customer of this company, you can request information or contract their products from the toll-free number 912066655.
If you are a company and you are a customer, you can call the number 912066688 to discuss any issue about your products contracted.
On 912066677 if you are not an ING Direct customer and would like to contact one of its services or products.
Although there are other ways of contact that we will detail below, it is always better to do it by phone to get personalized and fast.

Other ways to contact ING Direct

Another more personalized contact option is through the network of Orange Offices, which attend to the client in the morning and afternoon, or through social networks or mail-contact form.
In its web section of frequent doubts, ING Direct makes a compendium of the most common doubts among its users, and also has a prominent box to calculate the IBAN code, so we deduce that it is the section most consulted by all users.
We have already explained to you which are the free ING Direct numbers you can call for free.
If you need more information you can access the company’s website or consult their social network profiles.








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