If you are looking for a hypermarket where you can get the highest quality products, you have found it. Call Hipercor’s phone number and find out about all their services.
Hipercor ✅ is a network of hypermarkets belonging, together with other companies, to the El Corte Inglés group.
The objective of this company since its foundation in 1980 has been to meet the needs of its customers.

Find the best on Hipercor’s phone

Hipercor offers a wide range of products to satisfy all its customers. Electronics, computers, household appliances, video games, fashion, home decoration products, sports, stationery and, of course, food.
By offering so many different products, you can get your customers to buy everything from you.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, you should know that there is a free Hipercor phone number.
If you have a question about the purchasing service or the status of an order, the number is 900373050.
This call will be free of charge and you will be attended from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00 hours.
If the help you need is related to food products, the number is different. In this case, you have to call 90049404092.
The call will also be free and you will have the same hours as the previous number.

Finally, the Hipercor customer service telephone number for any general questions is 901122122.
If you call this number you should always do so during business hours.
Furthermore, as it is a 901 it is not a free number, as it is considered a special rate number and your bill will reflect this higher cost.


Send an email to Hipercor Customer Service

If for any reason you are unable to contact Hipercor by phone, depending on the type of query you wish to make, the company offers you different e-mail addresses.
To go to the shopping service or to see where your package is coming from, you should write to clientes@hipercor.es.
If the query is related to supermarket products, please send it to clientes.alimentacion@hipercor.es.
And if you need general help at servicio_clientes@hipercor.es.
In any of the three cases, the company will contact you and reply to your email directly.


Contact Hipercor on Social Networks

You can also contact Hipercor customer service by writing to their Social Network profiles.
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube are some of them.
They will be happy to answer you from anywhere.

Don’t hesitate and go to a Hipercor center.




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