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Glovo ✅ is a company dedicated to the purchase, collection, and shipping of orders in periods less than one hour and is currently located only in Spain.
Glovo ✅ company has branches in certain cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga, Palma and Bilbao, but is also located in Paris and Italy.

Glovo Customer Service Numbers Toll-Free

You can also find out about Glovo’s service on their website and its application is available in stores for Android mobile devices and IOS system.

Glovo Beginnings – Glovo contact number

This company began providing its services in 2015 in the city of Barcelona, Spain.

It currently offers an application which allows the customer to request what they want.

The products are distributed in categories to help the company’s employees and distributors know in which Glovo stores the requested product is found.

Although in February 2015 Glovo starts its operations in Barcelona, it is not until September of the same year that it arrives in Madrid.

It has managed to grow so much in such a short time that until June 2017 it creates an agreement with Mc Donald´s of Spain and Italy for Glovo to be responsible for the delivery of the McDelivery.

It is a company that started very recently, but due to the commitment it maintains with its customers, Glovo has managed to climb positions and remain one of the main references when it comes to orders that must be delivered in less than an hour.

How it works, your staff and phone Glovo

This company works with independent couriers who are known as “glovers” who are responsible for making deliveries in this period already established.

This is what has achieved the great acceptance of the company.

Thanks to the urgency of its deliveries are ideal for those who have very little time a day.

The staff is fully trained to achieve the best attention to their customers and are also people who know the city very well.

In this way, they can avoid unnecessary delays at the time of delivery due to losses or mistakes of the deliverers.

Their vocation for service is what makes Glovo’s commitment to top quality.

If you require a delivery that is on time almost immediately do not hesitate to hire the services of Glovo.

We guarantee that in less than an hour your order is in your hands or in the hands of those who need the product without any complication.
If you need safe and fast orders, change to Glovo.

Glovo customer support service telephone – Glovo phone number

You can contact us by our customer service contact Glovo phone numbers at 932204564 where you will be attended only by qualified personnel and gladly offer you the advice you need on the subject.







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