If you want to contact the telephone service Yoigo have to call the phone numbers you indicate on this page.

Many large companies offer expensive country payphones to contact their customer service. Yoigo has established free phones which is an element that increasingly more customer value and makes a difference in terms of customer service call refers.

Yoigo customer service number

There are two phone numbers at no cost that Yoigo makes available to contact your customer service.

If you are already a client of Yoigo you can call toll free 622 number as long as you do from any phone Yoigo.

This phone is valid from anywhere with coverage in the Spanish geography.

If instead, you want to perform any commercial, technical or consultation rates because you are thinking then switch to Yoigo can call toll-free 1707.

Free telephone customer Yoigo

Yoigo can be considered an intermediate operator. Not reach the level of one of the three major operators in the domestic market (Orange, Vodafone, and Telefonica), but has a high market penetration in the mobile market that makes it an important agent in the fourth position in this segment.

Not many years of operating Yoigo in the Spanish market, however, an interesting pricing policy and good telephone service customer, we stress here once again that the fact of establishing a toll-free phone to contact they are highly valued by their customers, have to stay in this interesting position with high growth rates.

Fares, from the time of its release, had an important component of cost reduction compared to the competition. They gave the same technical support and service at a lower price, and this made a majority were very price-sensitive customers factor the first to be incorporated into the ranks of this new operator.

It also was very interesting for those who needed a new line option, so customers Yoigo is quite young. This implies that many of them remain statistically many years with the company giving a new very interesting base for any operator customers.

This is especially important in the case of a hypothetical merger to take place within the national telecommunications market. There is a lot of movement in this sector and the proof is what has happened with Ono and it could happen again with another operator.

Breakdowns and technical assistance on a single number

Phones without cost described above also serve us if we want to contact with faults or if we want to raise any complaint or claim and request a high or low in the company.

Within the information and options offered to its customers, Yoigo offers competitive rates for calls to landlines and mobiles with mobile internet, some of them in which only call setup charge. We have the option to receive paper invoices or be more consistent with the environment and receive electronic invoicing in our e-mail or e-mail.

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