If you are in Madrid and you need to order a taxi with URGENCI to here you will find the radiotelephone freephone taxi and in a few minutes you will have a vehicle available to you at the address you specify to the operator.

On this page you can find fixed numbers such as taxi radio, to which call is free only if you have unlimited calls to landlines such numbers.

Phone to call Madrid taxi

Call 915478200

Radio Taxi download the app available for all kinds of apple or android smartphones.

Phone to call taxi Fuenlabrada, Getafe, Parla

In any of these populations south of Madrid as well as in Alcorcón, Majadahonda, Mostoles, Leganes or Coslada among others, you can use the app requests Taxi or call 915478200 and an average of between 5 and 10 minutes will have a taxi at the door of your home or workplace.

If you represent a company and you need a monthly taxi service for your workers, cab radiotelephone you can manage everything comfortably, gathering monthly billing without users having to pay duty at the time. So you can make a monthly check for users and ensure that all routes are to work commitments of their workers.

If you want to make a complaint or claim you may make in the above or also in writing phone using the contact form on the website www.radiotelefono-taxi.com or by sending an email to info@radiotelefono-taxi.com

More than 3,500 taxis at your disposal by calling 9154782 00. Total licensed taxis in Madrid are around 15,000 so a significant part of the total are at your disposal in this unique phone.