If you have to make inquiries with the National Organization of the Blind of Spain here you are some free phone not have to dial expensive 902 numbers.

It is possible that some of the phone numbers found on this page is not a totally free number, and by that I mean, can you find any phone number that starts with 91 and corresponds to a fixed number of Madrid and which call will be free if we have flat rate for calls to landlines.

Contact Customer Eleven

For questions about the preferred card numbers, raffles ONCE or any other inquiries please call 911253412 .

If instead you need information about the benefits or how to join the ONCE you can call 915773756 .

Phone to join the ONCE

The ONCE has a huge catalog of services aimed to help and make life easier for the blind or severely visually impaired.

Most of the members are in people with severe visual impairment but only 20% of them has total blindness.

The shares of the ONCE on its affiliates are aimed at the fields of education, employment and leisure , either with training and with adaptations that allow them to enjoy leisure activities and to perform jobs in various professional fields.
The difficulties often pose the visually impaired are often both personally and professionally.

On a personal level ONCE is that its members can cope properly in transportation teaching use canes and guide dogs, as well as in the home and personal care.

The number of members is growing with the passage of time mainly due to population increase as well as the excellent work of the ONCE makes increasingly visually impaired are encouraged to be part of this great organization.