Mutua Madrileña, as most drivers know in Spain is one of the leading companies in the insurance sector. It has always been characterized by an excellent service to their members or insured being one of the best companies valued by its customers, and in this aspect the careful call is one of its strengths. To contact them you offer free phone Mutua Madrileña.

Call freephone Mutua Madrileña

Although the first phone we are in insurance documents and corporate websites is 902, delving a little find your old phone and if we have any fault in route and need support services travelers mutual can call also at 91342 0758, freephone mutual in which also we attend and we will resolve all doubts. We can also call 915578322 – 915578200 and to contact the Mutua Madrileña.

Within the sector of car insurance Mutual has always been one of the top positions in terms of customer satisfaction or mutuals. Mutua Madrileña was an insurer whose purpose was to provide an excellent service to their mutual benefit; if it had to sacrifice growth since sacrificed.
Proof of this so beneficial for their clients policy is that long could not insure your car on mutual anyone but you had to be already mutualistic or child of one of them to enter and enjoy your insurance policies.

Free phone customer Mutua Madrileña

The policy of automobile insurance policies has always been characterized by rather rigid and clearly differentiated standards of competence. For example one of them is that you can give up to 3 annual parties without raise the amount of the receipt of insurance.

The company has grown exponentially in recent years and is no longer a modest auto insurer but is one of the largest insurance companies in Spain with presence in major segments of insurance, whether these life, auto, home.

Mutua Madrileña motorist: home insurance, health and life

A specialization in its business model has been to financial investments. They have created a series of investment products, primarily investment funds for some years have been at the top of cumulative returns for each of the segments in which could include equity, bond, mixed, structured.

One of the most attractive aspects for its customers, regardless of excellent customer service and on which we recommend using the free phones mutual substitutes Madrid expensive 902, membership cards are mutual. We speak here of mutual auto club and their cards I mutual.

These cards offer an important section of services and discounts that many customers make effective every day since they can save enough money. These discounts are primarily targeted at car-related or travel services.

In this way we will have discounts at gas stations, travel agencies, shops, car rental companies. But we will also benefit from good rates on private health insurance, cinemas, theaters, amusement parks and some more.

We can not comment, this being a point of care to society and its customers, the wonderful work being done from the Mutua foundation.

Here we can find many activities, free and paid, among which are concerts, exhibitions, lectures and conferences, workshops, scholarships and grants to very diverse social initiatives.

On the website we can find to turn all data for mutual contact, either through email, fax, or a fixed number of 91 offices.
If you want to communicate a claim or handling a part, you can call free of charge discussed above. They can also make use of them both professionals in the taxi, as if we see what kind of bonuses we can get or what concerted workshops that are closer to our home are.






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