If you need to contact the Service commuter Malaga airport Costa del Sol , you will find free phones in which you can communicate and make inquiries on your flight or the services provided at the airport.

To reach the airport find a phone 902 does have a cost that will be reflected on your phone bill, but you can also call the alternative fixed number that we offer below. Calls to this number are free fixed if we have flat rate calls to landlines.

Contacting Customer Malaga Airport

If not dial 902 you can call 913211000.

This phone corresponds to the exchange of AENA in can make inquiries of a flight with origin and destination at the airport and give timely information on flight status, if you are on time, if running late and information of the terminal and check-in desks where should go on arrival at the airport.

Destinations from Malaga airport

This airport is a hub of entry and exit of tourists coming to spend time, mainly in the summer months somewhere on the Costa del Sol. Tourists have this area as preferred to spend their holidays usually come north Europe predilection for Germany, England, Netherlands, and Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark. This is why we can find direct connections with most of the airports in these countries, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Manchester .

There are also links to several Spanish cities among which, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Tenerife .

VIP services

You can enjoy all the comforts of VIP services in both parking and the VIP rooms and quick access to security controls to save time when boarding your flight.