Know free phones Expedia and contact Customer both for consultations on booking flights, hotels, cruises or vacation packages , you want to make any suggestions, complaints or claims.

We believe they are free phones both 900 numbers, which are fully free regardless of the number from which you call, as well as those landlines as in the case of the latter Expedia, and will only be free if we have a flat rate calls our landline telecommunications operator.

Contact Customer Expedia

For any inquiries about bookings, cancellations or modifications thereof, and any urgent communication with Expedia, you can call 912757401 .

Phone customer support is available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 17 hours .

If you prefer to communicate in writing, or the query is not of such urgency can do so using the contact form available at the following address .

Changes or cancellations of reservations

In some cases it is possible to change the reservation of a hotel so online from your itinerary. At other times we just have to cancel the reservation and make a new one .

In any case, if he could not perform management from the website, you can contact the customer service phone 912757401 in the schedule above.

For changes or cancellations in flights must take into account the rate for which you chose at the time of making the reservation. There are more expensive rates that allow full flexibility in changing reservations while cheaper not allow any change or a high cost for the traveler.

At Expedia you can now make hotel reservations and flights on 5 continents. It has thousands of hotel establishments accessible to only a few clicks and has delegations in more than 30 countries. This entails themselves with offers aimed at each of these markets webs.