If you have purchased or are thinking of buying a ticket on Avianca, you will find free phones customer so you can answer all your questions related to flights and other services offered by the airline.

Avianca free phone number

To contact Customer Avianca you must dial the phone number 900802500. With Avianca, you can fly to many destinations, not only in South America if not worldwide including transoceanic flights to Europe and North America through its partnership with Star Alliance.

Web check-in with Avianca

Now you can check in comfortably from home. And you will have extra time your arrival at the airport so you can head towards the gate directly in case you do not have to check luggage. It also can check online the status of your flight, if there is any change in schedule so that you are aware of variations on have to take action and avoid unnecessary delays at the airport. Avianca provides a service of finding lost luggage. Thus, thanks to the adhesive locators contained in the bags can know at all times where the luggage and forecast are when you can reach our destination. If you are interested in working on Avianca, you can submit your resume through the form available on the website. You can be aware of all the new Avianca through social networks Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and by calling customer service can be found on this page.


Freephone Avianca
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