If you are a customer of the insurance company Allianz and want to contact your IT department customer service we offer here a series of free forever phones and when you call from a landline or mobile that has a flat rate or free national landline calls.

Find here the Allianz insurance freephone

Below we indicate a number of free phones that you can call depending on your needs.
Allianz Customer:  932285200/932277595/932277596
Home insurance, casualty: 900430043
Travel assistance: 900117117

Telephone Customer Allianz

German insurance company is a largest companies worldwide sector. Has more than 75 million customers spread over 70 countries.

Within the insurance contract can include the home, cars, motorcycles and mopeds. Being such a large company has major holdings in other companies and in turn is owned by many other large German companies mainly.
Phone 018001111200 mexico Allianz
Argentina 08102222243
Colombia 018000513500
If you have had a mishap are your vehicle, either the car or motorcycle insured with Allianz insurance, you may need some information number to request a tow truck or roadside assistance.

You can call phone numbers without proposed cost on this page, so many questions, whether you want to contact the legal department, or consult the doctors for his health insurance or what medical center should contact if you have had a medical emergency and not in his usual residence or is traveling in one of the largest cities in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia or any other.

Either professionals Allianz that meet your call can solve all these doubts and manage any question concerning your policy, whether a billing inquiry, complaint or claim, how to give a part of your home insurance or just what should do to terminate the insurance with Allianz.

In Spain it has an important seat in the Allianz building in Barcelona.
A turn is a company that has tried to make enough sponsorships in sports organizations and highlights the sponsorship of the Williams Formula 1 team and the Allianz Arena.